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Get a taste of Kashmir’s snow on your holidays by skiing in Gulmarg! Discover the thrill of skiing or learn skiing in the lapse of the Himalayas on your next adventure holiday. Gulmarg, Kashmir, lies within the Pir Panjal Range, alongside the western Himalayas. It is one of India’s most famous ski resorts.

Also holding the world’s second-highest Gondola ride record, Gulmarg boasts a snow-covered lofty Himalaya, meadows of flowers, deep ravines, and evergreen forest valleys. There is nothing better than to visit this magnificent hiking and skiing destination in Kashmir, whether you are a couple, a family, or a snow adventure sports enthusiast.

Among the adventure sports available in Gulmarg, skiing has become the most popular activity, enjoyed by amateurs and pros alike. Apart from that, tourists can also enjoy a Gondola cable car ride, trekking, and trout fishing. The following Gulmarg ski guide will undoubtedly come in handy if you decide to try skiing in Gulmarg someday.


Do you know with 3950 metres elevation, Gulmarg is the world’s third-highest ski resort globally known for its powdery snow runs!?

Adventure-seekers love skiing in Gulmarg because the slopes are open for sliding down. The experience is beyond description, being an amazingly exhilarating one! If you’re looking for an adventure holiday, don’t miss this lifetime opportunity. A cable car circuit, also known as the ‘Gulmarg Gondola,’ is home to the world’s highest cable car ride at almost 4,000 meters above sea level. Here you can set out on a 5-kilometre-long ski track down the mountain. Apharwat is where it all begins.

There are two phases:

· Phase I is accessible by Gondola. This ski slope connects Gulmarg with Kongdori, from where you can ski right back into the village.

· With Phase II, which is also accessible by Gondola, you reach Apharwat peak from Kungdori. There is also a chairlift that runs from Kongdori to Marry shoulder, from where it is possible to ski back down to Gulmarg.


There is a lot of adventure at Shark Fin, renowned for being the best powder ski area. It is a preferred ski slope for expert skiers because it lies behind the massive Mount Apharwat (4390m), the longest ski slope in Asia.

For beginners, there are bunny slopes near the village, which are usually buried under a thick layer of snow from January through early March. The slopes are wide and easy, and they are open for skiing both during the daytime and at night.

Those with intermediate ski skills would prefer Mary Shoulder. Sunset Peak has only off-piste skiing, and the conditions for heli-skiing are ideal. Aside from being a leading ski resort in India, Gulmarg has a wide range of advantages, such as good road access, excellent snow quality, and well-built lift infrastructure.


Gulmarg’s lifted terrain falls into different distinct zones:-

1. Pomas

Poma lifts are available in Gulmarg village for tourists and people in transit there. There are three runs in the Poma: the first is ideal for beginners, the next is intermediate, but bad conditions will make it impossible for anyone but experts to ski it. When the snow is firm, it’s like skiing on coral because the runs don’t get groomed every day and the grooming tiller is pathetic.

2. Phase 1 Gulmarg Gondola

There is a groomer run, 40 vertical meters of flattish terrain where it’s all free, and a lot more slopes accessible from the Gulmarg Gondola’s first phase.

3. Chair Lift & Phase II Gondola

Several fun off-piste lines are available from the chair lift. A few trails are groomed halfway down for easier access to the chair lift or Gondola. Located at the top of the Gondola, the terrain area offers a mix of lift-accessed alpine terrain and sub-alpine terrain. After a storm, the inbound area of the ridge tracks out pretty quickly.

4. Gulmarg Backcountry

The backcountry of Gulmarg is what gives the place its unique charm. The Gondola makes the whole process of accessing the mountain easier. Mount Apharwat has bowls that stream off the main ridgeline, creating endless opportunities for a muscular meltdown. The spurs and bowls that derive from Gulmarg to Gondola station surge east for miles, emerging at Tangmarg, several kilometres below Gulmarg.


Finding a ski resort in Gulmarg is an excellent idea if you’re going on a luxurious skiing vacation. Do consider these facts before hitting the slopes: -

  • Different slopes in Gulmarg are suitable for new skiers and experienced skiers. Don’t challenge your skiing skills on the slopes.
  • The Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering conducts skiing courses in the area. If you are a beginner-level skier, don’t hit the slope without an expert accompanying you.
  • If skiing is not your idea of fun on snow, try out fun options like sledging and zorbing. You will roll down a slope on a large inflatable ball in zorbing, which is another worldly experience.
  • Put a full stop to your snow vacation, enjoying snowball fighting and snowman sculpting!
  • The minimum temperature in Gulmarg falls to -10. Hence good heating facilities, cleanliness and hygienic food in your accommodation can’t not be compromised ever.

Spectacular snow-covered slopes and adventure sports in the Gulmarg are enough to make your trip memorable for a lifetime. Surely, you will desire to return for more on these slopes. Live up your dream trip with The Luxury Trips. We can get you the best offers and experiences on luxury residencies and experiences. Reach out to us on +917575044665 or write to us at today!



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