Maldives In Winters: Affordable Maldives Holiday Packages

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3 min readNov 23, 2022

Despite being occupied in our lives, the traveler in us gives us a kick to take a break and spend some days relaxing. And what could be more relaxing than being surrounded by the alluring emerald green water, blue lagoons and aquatic marine life in the Maldives?

Maldives is an absolute heaven for solo travelers, honeymooners, friends and families. Maldives is not limited to a specific category of tourists.

Spend your leisure trip between the white sand sparkling beaches, swaying palm trees, and preserved aquatic life that lies in the midst of the Indian Ocean.

Picking up such a location often becomes a task. So we’ve made Affordable Maldives holiday packages for you as winters have knocked on our doors and festivities are around the corner; you can’t miss having fun vacations.

Our tailor-made affordable Maldives holiday packages make your wish come true.

How Is Maldives In December?

Maldives’ weather is unpredictable. The first half of December receives massive rainfall, and the latter part of the month is dry and best-suitable for travelling.

Most tourists choose the second half of December to celebrate Christmas and New Years’ holidays.

Suppose you want an affordable Maldives holiday package due to partly rainy and dry weather. In that case, the packages are cheaper compared to the completely dry season, which makes the sightseeing even better.

Things To Do In Maldives In Budget

TLT plans your trip according to the budget with plenty of amenities available. Make sure to book early to avail the maximum savings on the packages. We can book Cheap Maldives Travel Packages in all over india.

The Maldives have plenty of things to do, be it sightseeing, water sports, food l, beverages and markets.

Now here are some things we’ve picked for you that can be done under budget:

  • Snorkeling

You can pre-book snorkeling in your package or get it yourself, but pre-booking helps you save more.

You can start your day early by snorkeling and exploring the aquatic life of the pristine Indian Ocean.

It’s a lifetime experience, and you don’t need any previous experience for snorkeling.

  • Scuba Diving

You’re in the Maldives. How can you miss experiencing the underwater marine life, those colorful corals, and different fish species? Get yourself to indulge in the ocean water and let the sunshine above.

A scuba instructor will be assigned to you with all equipment and safety. With each level down, you’ll feel better and more confident. It’s an experience that you never lived before.

You’ll be collecting happiness in the form of pictures.

  • Go On An Expedition

Get up early to watch the sunrise and do island hopping to experience the beauty of different Islands.

Be sure to register yourself for a dolphin expedition. Take an evening boat ride to watch dolphins diving into the ocean with a picturesque sunset view and some refreshments to enjoy your evening.

  • Fishing

Fishing is the most relaxing and fun activity. You’ll get an experienced instructor for each activity to teach the techniques. We can also book Best honeymoon tour packages in india.

Baiting fish in the middle of the ocean, and if you’re lucky enough to catch them, you’ll get the chance to cook them and eat the fresh seafood platter.

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