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3 min readSep 23, 2022


While preparing for the wedding, it becomes stressful to plan for the honeymoon.

Planning a honeymoon alone is a big task, from destination selection to accommodation and travel.

Some couples think about their honeymoon after they get free from all the wedding rituals.

We’ve created a detailed list for your Luxury Maldives Packages for honeymoon trip.

You think about the destination, and we’ve it for you. Spend time together under the Eiffel Tower or on the Amalfi coast.

Couples often get confused about picking up the right place or accommodation and spend a hefty amount on little things.

Don’t worry; shed off your honeymoon’s stress and leave it to TLT.

TLT provides packages worldwide that include 5-star travel, accommodation, and meals. You can also get adventures as an add-on at some places.

So stop worrying and start planning your hassle-free honeymoon with TLT!

That’s how we work:

1.Plan A Destination

We plan according to your taste and preference. Some people like to spend their honeymoon isolated and far from chaos and noise, whereas some want to spend their honeymoon in a city full of life and fun.

Let us know the list of your favorite destinations, from beaches to European countries or watching the New-York skyline together.

We’ll get it done for you so you can spend hours of romance without stress.


It’s an essential part while planning your honeymoon. Be clear about what you want and how much you want to spend.

Go for options that’ll help you to save money. For example, packages include flight, meals, stay, and other activities.

Don’t rush for anything. Take time, compare packages and destinations, then select what’s more suitable for you.

To save more, select an off-season to travel.

3.Book It With A Travel Advisor

To avoid stress, TLT has numerous honeymoon packages across the globe that provide complimentary meals, adventure sports, beverages, and airport transfers.

TLT creates custom packages according to your budget without compromising the luxuries and preferences.

The budget and packages are flexible.

4.Book Prior For Any Special Arrangements

Honeymoon booking is a bit different than other packages.

Honeymooners often get complimentary cakes and wine. If you want to add anything special that’s not in a package, you can ask for it.

For example, You want a romantic beach dinner or breakfast on a yacht.

Booking prior will make it easy and affordable for you.

5.Always Carry An Extra Money

Don’t depend on the package that includes your stay, meals, and transfers.

While on vacation, unforeseen things can take place.

So it’s always recommended to carry some extra money in an emergency.

6.Perfect Itinerary

We at The Luxury Trips recommend to curate hand-picked & neatly crafted itinerary, honeymoon is about spending time with each other. If it’s a hectic strenuous trip then you will be stressed & things will not be placed as it should be..

A perfect itinerary includes:

  • Your whole trip breakout from day 1 to the last day.
  • So that you can pick up from the itinerary whether you want to keep that activity or not.
  • Your hotel confirmations, tickets, and visa ( in case you’re traveling abroad)
  • And what’s included in the package?

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